DADGAD Tab Book for 'A Merry Convoy'


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TAB Book of 'A Merry Convoy' now available

If you’re interested in the way I play guitar, or indeed DADGAD tuning itself (which is the tuning I play in), then this PDF book is for you.

It contains all the songs on my album ‘A Merry Convoy’ in TAB form, with the chords in diagram form where appropriate.

The songs are my own arrangements of traditional folk songs in DADGAD tuning.

DADGAD is an interesting and versatile tuning and one especially useful for singers. This book shows in TAB form all the chords and finger positions. There is no standard musical notation.

All the chords are shown in diagram form above the TAB lines, and also reproduced as a chord dictionary at the front of the book.

Included is a full introduction with thoughts on DADGAD tuning and song information.
The book is currently only available as a PDF download.

If you are interested in buying please send an email to sibarron99@googlemail.com
The download price is £7


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