I offer a range of lessons in and DADGAD for those interested in getting started in DADGAD tuning, or for those who want to deepen their understanding of this versatile tuning.

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Over the years whilst visiting and performing at festivals and folk-clubs I have given workshops, instruction and individual and group lessons in the technique of DADGAD guitar.

I have played in the DADGAD (and related) tunings all my solo career. I find it to be a wonderfully versatile tuning, especially for folk performers. Some of the basic chords are formed with just one or two fingers allowing singers to really stretch out and forget about the chording.

It is also a superbly resonant tuning, with the low D on the bottom end and plenty of open strings ringing in the basic keys of D, G, C and F (and the relative minor keys of Bm, Em, Am and Dm).

It’s often a challenge to break out of what you know in any discipline, including guitar, and try something new. One gets that feeling of going back to square one.

But DADGAD overall is easier to learn than standard with none of the hard chord positions and plenty of lush, open sounding strings. DADGAD guitar gives a wide open ‘BIG’ sound that is the ideal complement to singers or other instruments.

If you are interested in getting started or deepening into DADGAD tuning on acoustic guitar, please get in contact…

Children's Beginner's Guitar




As well as having a wide experience of teaching DADGAD to adult learners, I have also for the last three years been teaching children and young students at SAMM in Totnes. These are extra-curricular music lessons for school-age children which meets every Saturday during term-times at the Ariel Centre in Totnes (online during the Covid school hiatus)
“We aim to help children learn and improve musicianship whilst also learning that music is a fun and rewarding social activity and not just a “hard effort” practising alone at home.”
I now offer online private guitar lessons for young beginners (in Standard Tuning or DADGAD!).


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